European Union: We will continue to ban weapons to Libya.. whatever its source

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

While the tension between the European Union and Turkey continues due to several files, from exploring gas and oil in the Mediterranean to the refugee file and Libya, the European Union considered Thursday that the Libyan crisis directly affects European security. Josep Borrell, the foreign policy official, stressed the need to contain the negative effects of the escalation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

What confirmed that the union will continue to monitor the arms embargo to Libya, whatever its source, (referring to Turkey, which supports the factions of the Al-Wefaq government in Tripoli against the Libyan army)

For his part, the High Representative of the Federation, who visited Nicosia, Athens and Ankara in the past few days in an attempt to assess the possibility of resolving the differences between those countries by diplomatic means, said that the European Union does not recognize the Republic of North Cyprus and rejects Turkey’s activities in the waters of Cyprus.

And “Manfred Faubier”, head of the European People’s Party bloc, considered the largest bloc in the European Parliament that the union is not naive and has cards to pressure Turkey.

She also added that Turkey is moving further and further away from European values.

Regarding the conflict in Libya, the Union circles believe that external interventions in the Libyan crisis contributed to fueling it and prevented the implementation of the outputs of the Berlin Conference.

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