The Security Council rejects a Russian draft resolution on Syria

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

The conflict over the Syrian file between the Western countries on the one hand and Russia and China on the other hand continues on the seats of the Security Council,

After Russia opposed a proposal submitted by Germany and Belgium on extending the mechanism of delivering aid to Syria, Moscow failed yesterday, Wednesday, to pass a draft resolution reducing humanitarian aid to Syria.

Where Moscow, on Tuesday, opposed a draft resolution submitted by Germany and Belgium on the mechanism of delivering aid to Syria, where Moscow prefers to keep one crossing for that for a period of six months instead of two crossings and for a year.

Moscow needed the approval of at least nine of the 15 members of the UN Security Council, provided that no permanent member vetoed it, to pass the draft. However, he did not get enough votes, as the periodic President of the Security Council, German Ambassador “Christoph Heusgen”, announced that he had obtained only four votes, compared to seven countries who voted against him, while the remaining four abstained.

And its worth noting on Tuesday, Russia used its veto against a German-Belgian draft resolution to extend the mechanism for handing cross-border aid to Syria for a period of one year through the entry points in Bab al-Salam and Bab al-Hawa. With Turkey, before it put to a vote a draft resolution that provides for the abolition of the Bab al-Salam crossing and the maintenance of the Bab al-Hawa crossing for a period of only six months.

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