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Scientists: reduce global warming Needs decades

Selava Omar –

The Earth’s temperature rose to a new degree Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era as a result of human activities, which led to frequent natural environmental disasters.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and we are now facing a defining moment. The global impacts of climate change are wide-ranging and unprecedented in size, from changing weather patterns threatening food production to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic floods. Adapting to these impacts will be more difficult and costly in the future if radical measures are not taken now.

And to combat this climate turmoil, which is likely to exacerbate whenever the temperature rises by half a degree Celsius, the parties to the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 pledged to cut emissions to limit warming to only two degrees Celsius, but countries did not respect the promises they made.

According to the French news agency. The authors of a study published in the journal Nature Communications said that even if these obligations are respected, “the results of these efforts will likely not appear until by the middle of the current century at least.”

One of the most promising ways to mitigate climate change is what we call “natural climate solutions”, such as preserving, revitalizing and improving land management; In order to increase carbon storage or avoid greenhouse gas emissions in natural areas around the world, the full potential of these solutions has been demonstrated in a new study prepared by Nature Conservancy and 15 other leading organizations.

And the importance of the oceans to global climate change cannot be underestimated. Oceans regulate the climate and absorb a third of carbon emissions, whether they are caused by increased greenhouse gases, coastal pollution, overexploitation of fish resources, coastal development, or increased population pressure. The world’s oceans, coasts and marine ecosystems are undergoing major changes.

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