Drought is ravaging the rice season in Australia

Selava Omar –

About 90% of Australia’s rice farmers have decided to drop their cultivation this season due to the drought that hit large areas of Australia.

The head of the Australian Rice Growers Association, “Rob Masina”, said that the lack of water allocations, and severe drought for years, means that conditions are not appropriate for the cultivation of his land located at the southern end of the Murray Darling Basin with rice.

he added “Many of the cities in this part of the business depend on the rice crop,” . “It is a way of life for the southern countryside of “Rivina”, and it is now facing a challenge.”

According to Bloomberg News, Australian rice production has decreased by more than 90% since the 2017/2018 season.

It is expected that the local production during the current season will reach 57 thousand tons, which is the second lowest number of production in the history of the country after the number recorded in the 2007/2008 season, according to the report issued by the “Aparis” Foundation for Agricultural Outlook last June.


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