After the agreement.. “Suleiman Osu” beats a nail in the coffin of the Kurdish agreement and makes fiery statements

Kajin Ahmad –

A member of the Presidency of the Kurdish National Council and the secretary of the Kurdish Yekiti Party – Syria, Suleiman Osu, stated that no agreement will be signed with the Kurdish National Unity parties, the negotiating party in the negotiations for the Kurdish row, only after the file of detainees and missing persons is settled.

This came during his exclusive statements to his party’s website, “Yekiti Media”, indicating that the second round of negotiations is being prepared by the sponsoring party.

And “Oso” said”The issue of the detainees and missing persons, which was one of the steps of the confidence-building measures and has been delayed until now, is working on this file in all private meetings between the council and “Mazlum Abdi”, commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, in the presence of the sponsoring party,” said Usu.

He pointed out, that “no agreement will be signed until after the settlement of this file, in the hope of reaching results that pave the way for the final settlement of this file.”

On the 29th of last month, a political source in the Kurdish National Council confirmed to the reporter “Xebar 24” that General “Mazlum Abdi” and Ambassador William Rubak had conveyed to the delegation of the Kurdish National Council negotiating that the file of the detainees and missing persons would be removed from the conditions of the negotiations and would remain a special issue between the Democratic Union Party and the Council Kurdish Patriot.

The source added, that General Mazloum Abdi and Ambassador Robak, in their capacity as sponsors of the initiative, conveyed this proposal by the other negotiating party, the Kurdish National Unity Parties, noting that this issue should be addressed in another axis, and the delegation of the Council agreed to the proposal.

It is noteworthy that the negotiating parties within the framework of the unity of the Kurdish row, the Kurdish National Council and the Kurdish national unity parties, reached a political consensus on the sixteenth of last month.

Translation: Selava Omar

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