Islands isolated for Cuban tourists with strict restrictions

Selava Omar –

The “Havana” government devised a different plan to receive foreign visitors, as Cuba began a return to normal life and was anticipating the arrival of tourists.

The government decided to send tourists to five narrow islands cut off from the rest of the country and residents equipped to receive them.

The US network NBC News reported that the Cuban authorities decided to implement the plan next Wednesday to revive an important tributary of the Cuban economy without returning the virus to the country with a population of 11 million, after the decline of new infections.

According to the plan, tourists take flights to these islands or to the center of Cuba, where they will undergo virus detection tests, and people whose negative test results prove to go directly to hotels or take a bus that passes directly through the mainland of Cuba to one of the low islands that connect to the northern coast by Bridges.

The report notes that many other Caribbean islands allowed tourists to return and imposed tests on new arrivals. But none of them has adopted a plan like Cuba that almost completely separates tourists from the general population.
And Cuba is heavily dependent on tourism, with revenues estimated at $ 4.1 billion, which accounted for about 10% of GDP.

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