Despite the agreement with the Russian side.. the Turkish army targets a freight car and causes its driver to be injured on the road M4

Brusk Hassan –

A Syrian truck came under fire from Turkish forces and the Syrian factions loyal to it on the M4 highway, on Sunday, despite a previous agreement between the Russians and Turkey to open it.

A “Xeber24” reporter said that the Turkish army bombed a bystander vehicle, on the M4 highway near the Ain Issa area.

Our reporter confirmed that the shelling resulted in the wounding of the truck driver as he was passing near the village of Hoshan, located between the towns of Jalabiyya and Ain Issa.

It is reported that the young man, Usama Al-Assaf, 31, was transferred to the district hospital.

It is worth noting that an agreement was reached between the Turkish and Russian forces to open the way for passers-by and civilians, provided that they are not targeted.

Turkey is targeting civilian cars and trucks and claims to have targeted a military vehicle, as it claimed a week ago.

Translation: Selava Omar

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