Gorilla pulls tourism in African “Rwanda” from the Corona crisis

Selava Omar –

The mountain gorillas called “Africa’s Tourist Icon” kept the tourism sector in the African country steady on its feet, in the time where the demand for famous tourist attractions in Rwanda collapsed due to the Corona pandemic.

The number of visitors to “Rwanda”, under the weight of closures and quarantine measures, decreased by 54% in March, and by 100% in April, the height of the global outbreak of corona, according to official data.

And during the first quarter of 2020, tourism revenue decreased by 35%, compared to the same period in 2019, according to the National Institute of Statistics of “Rwanda”.

With the re-opening of the mountain gorillas reserves, the tourism sector in Rwanda began to gradually catch its breath, as the country’s tourism makers and travel agencies are now hoping for a promising recovery for the sector, after Rwanda eased restrictions starting from June 18 last year. About 3 months from closing.

Travel agencies have started offering low promotional offers to attract tourists to the famous forests of the mountain gorillas, Rwanda’s tourism engine alongside safari.

“Rwanda” owes its fame as a tourist destination east of the continent, to rainforests, national parks and wildlife reserves, especially the original home of the gorillas.

The authorities estimate the number of the remainder of this rare species of mountain gorillas to be about one thousand, including those in neighboring Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rarely, travel agencies in Rwanda give visitors the opportunity to meet gorillas face-to-face in their natural stronghold.

Annually, the authorities devote the “Quetta Aizina” festivity to publicize these efforts and support them in the presence of international celebrities and stars, but the epidemic may cause the celebration to be canceled this year.

Source: Agencies

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