Libyan Army: Ankara and Serag agreements are illegal and we will address Turkey’s ambitions

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

The Director of the Department of Moral Guidance in the Libyan Army, Brigadier “Khaled Mahjoub”, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, today, Saturday, commented on the new agreement concluded by Turkey with the government of “Fayez Al-Sarraj”, considering that it represents “the dictates of the will of one party over another”, stressing the willingness The army to confront the Ankara forces and militias loyal to it.

Brigadier Khaled Al Mahjoub said: “What is happening now is that there is a party that dictates its will to another party, which implements what the first party wants.”

Where Turkey has agreed with the head of the Libyan government of Tripoli, Fayez al-Sarraj, to establish new training centers for militias in western Libya, after the visit of the Turkish Minister of Defense, “Khulusi Akar”, and a number of senior military officials to Tripoli, on Friday.

“Al-Sarraj'” government said that the visit of the Turkish delegation comes within the framework of “the security and military agreement that was concluded with Ankara last year.”

However, “Al-Mahjoub” considered that the new agreement, which one of its clauses provides for “protecting the “Saraj” government,” represents an attempt by Turkey and the pro-Brotherhood organization to achieve their goals.

He added that Turkey “seeks to raise the ceiling of demands and achieve the largest possible presence inside Libya, especially in the western region, through agreements on rules that give it legitimacy, and to use all of this in launching negotiations on Libya.” Al-Mahjoub stressed that “all these arguments will not be fooled by anyone.”

The visit of the Turkish delegation and the agreement concluded during the visit came in conjunction with the intensification of international efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya.

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