13 people lost in heavy rains in southern Japan

Selava Omar – -“Agencies”

Japan’s Radio and Television Corporation said on Saturday that unprecedented heavy rains fell on the southern Japanese island of “Kyushu”, where at least 13 people were lost, while meteorological officials warned of the risk of floods and landslides.

The television broadcast scenes of homes and cars submerged in muddy waters in Kumamoto Prefecture, where the radio and television said that the flooding of the Kuma River isolated houses and destroyed a bridge.

And the Japan Meteorological Agency issued the highest level of warning of floods and landslides caused by rain that had not been seen in the region before.

In western Japan, the authorities also ordered around 75,000 people to evacuate their homes due to the heavy rains.

According to Japanese media sources, rescue teams are searching for three people who are still missing after a landslide destroyed their home in “Kumamoto”.

And local authorities asked the army for help to evacuate about 75,000 people from “Kumamoto” and “Kagoshima”.

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