The United Nations is concerned about Turkey’s human rights violations

Selava Omar ـ ـ “Agencies”

The new Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Marie Lawler, expressed her deep concern about the Turkish authorities’ human rights violations by charging terrorism with 11 human rights defenders in Turkey.

“After three years of their arrest, the evidence gathered to support the accusations has not yet clarified how their activities have reached the level of terrorism,” “Marie Lawler” said in a statement released Thursday.

According to the statement, the defendants may receive up to 15 years in prison for their work in the field of human rights.

Turkey accuses those who oppose its policies and described there “terrorism” in addition to the same accusation against activists and human rights defenders, and the so-called “Istanbul 10”, some of whom are founding members of Amnesty International in Turkey – as well as Tanner Klitsch, and the former head of the group will know, on July 3, whether To prosecute terrorism-related activities.

It is reported that in July 2017, the authorities of the Turkish regime raided a human rights workshop organized by members of the so-called “Istanbul 10” and the public prosecutor accused members the group and descriped it of “terrorism” .

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