The Greek army chief warns of a high risk of accidents in the Aegean Sea

Selava Omar –

Greek newspaper “Kathimerini” touched on Greece’s warnings about incidents in the Aegean Sea, “where the head of the Greek General Staff of the Greek National Defense “Constantinos Floros” warns of the increased risk of an accident between Greece and Turkey if Ankara insists on increasing tensions around the sea Aegean and eastern Mediterranean.

In comments during an online seminar organized by the American Hellenic Institute (AHIF) Foundation on Wednesday, “Florus” said that there is a possibility of a serious military accident, given the measures recently taken by Turkey in the Aegean Sea, adding that this will have serious consequences.

“Florus” stressed the strategic importance of the Eastern Mediterranean to international players such as the United States, Russia, NATO and the European Union, while stressing daily violations and provocative activities of Turkey.

And “Florus” also pointed to the recent escalation in migratory flows from Turkey through Evros and the Aegean as a result of Ankara’s exploitation of the crisis.

With regard to the eastern Mediterranean, “Atefioros” stressed, “Greece continues to attend and support multilateral cooperation agreements such as those concluded with Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.”

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