Turkey.. “humanity and the friend of the Syrian people” thirsts the Syrian people and prevents them from the waters of the Euphrates River “video”

Brusk Hassan –

The Euphrates River witnessed a terrifying drought of water as a result of Turkey building dams on its lands and holding water to witness a decline that is considered the first of its kind as the river dried up and its water level reached the level of frightening drought.

And local Syrian media and social media pioneers reported scenes described as “shocking” showing a record decrease in the level of the Euphrates River that reached the point of drought as a result of Turkey building dams.

Activists shared videos taken yesterday, Wednesday, of the Euphrates, showing a record decrease in the level of the Euphrates in a frightening way that reaches a level of drought as a result of Turkey’s building dams and the giant “Alyso” dam.

The Kurdish “Hawar” agency also published photos and videos captured on the banks of the river, showing the shrinking of the river’s stream hundreds of meters near the city of Jarablus to the Tishreen Dam, to the course of the largest river in the country, two months after Turkey had reduced the rate of water flowing to the Syrian side.

“Dialogue” explained that Turkey reduced the flow rate of the Euphrates River to the Syrian lands at the beginning of May of this year, in the second drop in the water level, beginning in the summer of 2017.

The water problem that Turkey has been using as a weapon against the Syrians for years threatens the issue of providing drinking water to the residents of northern and eastern Syria, as well as low hours of electricity generation, and threatens production of farmland on the banks of the river, according to the agency.

The administration of the Tishreen Dam, the largest hydroelectric station in Syria, warned, at the beginning of this week, that Turkey will continue to lock up the waters of the Euphrates River within its lands, which reflects negatively on the society’s economy, public food security, and the provision of drinking water to the citizen.

The dam administration announced a reduction in the hours of generating electrical energy from the Euphrates and Tishreen stations, starting in mid-June, so that the dams generate electrical energy for only 10 hours, after it was 18 hours per day, distributed over the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

And the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria earlier demanded that the United Nations and the Syrian and Iraqi governments “put pressure on Turkey, regarding its clear violation of international covenants and laws, towards dealing with regional waters.”

Translation: Selava Omar

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