Caribbean countries reopen tourism borders after months’ closure

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

After the Corona Virus pandemic struck that very important sector and caused it to be closed for several months, many countries in the Caribbean started again to receive tourists from all over the world.

On Wednesday, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic reopened their borders, allowing tourists to enter hotels and beaches in limited numbers under health safety measures.

However, the “Nassau Guardian” newspaper Wednesday quoted Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Menes as telling Parliament that his country’s largest tourist resort, “Atlantis Paradise”, will not be reopened until the end of July.

he move is attributed to the large numbers of people injured Covid-19 in the United States, which has the largest number of visitors.

The Bahamas confirmed 104 HIV infections and 11 deaths.

The Dominican Republic recorded of 33,387 injuries and 754 deaths, the highest number among the Caribbean countries.

And Haiti, which recorded 5,975 confirmed cases and 105 deaths, opened its borders with the Dominican Republic on last Tuesday.

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