Mississippi.. The last US state to remove the symbol slavery from its flag

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Media Sources reported that the governor of the US state of Mississippi signed a law removing the Confederate emblem from the state flag that was reminiscent of the nation’s era of slavery.

And Mississippi was the only US state still holding the flag of the “Confederate United States” army consisting of a white rectangle in the upper left corner of it and a red square with a diagonal blue cross in it with small white stars.

This flag, which represented the southern states that refused to abolish slavery during the War of Secession (1861-1865), is for many a symbol of the country’s racist past.

Georgia, with its long racist past, abandoned this slogan in 2003.

“This is not a political gesture, but an official occasion, to unite as the Mississippi family in order to reconcile and move forward,” wrote Mississippi State Governor Tate Reeves on Facebook before he signed the law.

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker hailed the signing of the law, speaking of “a historic day and expecting with anticipation.”

And the issue of racial discrimination has reoccupied discussions in the United States since the death of black-skinned American George Floyd on May 25 asphyxiation while a white policeman arrested him in Minneapolis.

His death sparked a wave of protests in the United States, and during the protests, one of the protesters’ demands was to get rid of this flag and remove statues of Confederate generals and figures who were opposed to the abolition of slavery.

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