The Chairman of the Executive Council for Self-Administration “Talaat Younes” explains to “Xeber24” the reason for the interruption of electricity and water and the absence of services

The region's needs for electricity are large, and a percentage of them is not available.. And price-adjusting campaigns are still ongoing

Prepare: Sorkhin Resul
Translation: Selava Omar

The island region has recently witnessed a shortage of services in terms of electricity and water in addition to a crazy rise in prices with the implementation of the Caesar Law. In this regard, “Xeber24” had a dialogue with the joint head of the Executive Council in the island region Talaat Younis, who explained to us the problems of the power outage, and how to adjust Prices, in addition to self-management projects that can alleviate the hardships of citizens if they exist.

On the situation in the northern and eastern regions of Syria after the commencement of the implementation of the Caesar Law, Yunus said: “Syria in general is experiencing an economic crisis as a result of the continuation of the war and the destruction of the economic and infrastructure . The implementation of the Caesar Law and its repercussions has an impact on the economic and living situation at the level of Syria in general, and the North Eastern Syria is also an integral part of these influences, so we note that there are effects on the economic aspect of living, especially with the low value of the Syrian pound against the dollar, especially as our regions live in a semi-blockade, in addition to the closure of the crossings, the most important of which is the humanitarian crossing “Tel Cocher”, which is the main artery of support and humanitarian aid For our regions, therefore, the regions of northern Syria were affected by this crisis and by the application of Caesar’s law.

As for the absence of services in the areas of self-management, especially in the midst of continuous power outages and scarcity of water, their causes and if there are solutions ?, Yunus explained: “The electricity problem is one of the most important problems that we suffer from in the island region and the region needs large quantities of electricity , In proportion to what is available from it, especially that the largest amount and our needs are taken and linked to the Euphrates Dam, which is living in a state of decline in the water level after Turkey’s closure of water, which caused a reduction in the quantities of electricity that come from the dam, and also the turbines in some areas need maintenance and change So the quantities available are relative to needs, They are minuscule and very few, in addition to the accumulated breakdown cases, and also the lack of rationalization by citizens of electricity. All of these things are causes of the lack of available quantities, so there is a decrease in the hours of electricity that must be given.

Yunus commented on raising the prices witnessed by the island’s markets, and their failure to carry out search and price control campaigns like previous campaigns. Younis said, “The main reason for the high prices is that most of the basic materials are bought by the value of the dollar and enter these areas, to control the market and to prevent traders from monopolizing these materials.” The Supply Directorate has launched campaigns to control markets, Phone numbers have also been allocated to submit complaints so that any violations by the merchants on the prices are reported, and these campaigns are continuing at the same pace and with the same mechanism of controlling the markets, but the instability of the dollar price in relation to the Syrian pound is an additional burden, so we face difficulty setting prices and monitoring, but the supply campaigns And the monitoring is continuous and daily there are seizures and violations on the merchants who try to take advantage of these conditions and violations are set upon them until some shops and stores are closed.

And about your administration being exposed to many criticisms, especially in the service field, and many say that the administration will lose its balance among the people if it remains in this situation and whether you have any programs and plans to do them to help the citizen and alleviate the hardships he is experiencing ?, The leader of the self-administration Talaat Younis stated that This administration has always harnessed all capabilities to provide basic services to citizens and always has service projects to improve the service and living reality for citizens at all levels, To me that during this period and from the beginning of the year, with the Corona crisis that swept the world and affected our regions, it led to the suspension of work in many institutions, which affected the service work and the service reality, or the delay in the implementation of some of the service projects that were drawn up and which were planned for implementation from the beginning Year ”.

Younis, in his speech, explained the deterioration of the living situation to the result of the spread of Corona and the blockade imposed on northern Syria, “the ban that lasted for more than two months affected the dates of implementation of basic and service projects, in addition to the economic crisis and its impact on the administration’s revenues, had an impact on projects and the extent of budgets allocated to implement These projects, but the administration always seeks to secure basic health and service materials and services from them, We have plans and programs to develop and improve these services. ”

In his response, whether the Kurdish-Kurdish agreement will affect the situation of the street as well, and why do some people reject it? Unity will establish national unity among all the spectra in the region and Syria in general, this unity between the parties will serve the public interests and will have significant effects on the success of this project and these gains and will be a deterrent force for the ambition of enemies who have always lurked on the will, unity, and solidarity of peoples with all their components, therefore this unity is a popular necessity and demand, and all parties must meet the demands and aspirations of the people. ”

Yunus pointed out that “Self-administration has acquired its will, strength, and legitimacy from the people, so our people have always been supportive of us, and always the administration has been part of this people and from the core of the people and my pensions with the status of the people, and has always strived to provide a decent life for its people and provide basic services according to its capabilities and mocked All possibilities to secure a decent life for him, therefore, we are always among our people, touching all of their needs and all their problems, and we always strive to find solutions to the problems that they live in. We seek by all means and all capabilities to meet these needs, and the people’s trust in this administration is the basis of its strength, and this administration always seeks to serve the people and provide what is better for a decent life for its people. ”

At the end of the dialogue, the joint head of the Executive Council in the Gezira region, Talaat Younis added: “We are living in an economic crisis, and we are facing at the level of the region and the world new types of wars, economic and biological wars. And the people should all be united with each other, and the people should join hands with the administration. The path of success and exit from this crisis will be with minimal impact, this will be the basis for overcoming these crises, as we have overcome in difficult stages previously. We can move beyond this stage as well, by joining together and consolidating people and institutions with each other. ”

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