The women’s organization of “Rojava” explains to “Xeber24” the reason why Russian forces refused to receive their letter to Putin

Sorkhin Resul –

The Russian forces deployed in the east of the Euphrates in the north and east of Syria, during the Turkish attack on the areas of Ras Al-Ain and Tel Abyad on 09/10/2019, benefiting from the American withdrawal, and promised to play a mediating role between the self-administration and the Syrian government in Damascus And, she vowed that the Turkish forces would stand alone, but did not fulfill any of her promises.

The Russian forces refused to receive the Star Conference delegation, and to receive its message addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian forces in Syria, which included denouncing women for the recent attacks on Kobani, which targeted 3 civilian women.

The official spokesperson for the Star “Avene Swed” conference explained to “Xeber24” the reason for rejecting the message, saying: “We wrote two letters, one for the United States in the person of its president and the second for the state of the Russian Federation in the person of its president as well.

She added: “The second message was to be delivered to the Russian base near Kobani, but the Russian forces refused to receive it on the pretext of the lack of prior coordination or request to meet, and we had held them responsible for the attack that targeted the administrators at the Star Conference, and we believe the reason for their refusal is their knowledge of their responsibility Direct about this attack ”

The following is the text of the message:

to me

President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin

Russian forces stationed in Syria


The assassination of women in the village of “Halling” / Kobani by the Turkish army on June 23, 2020

President Vladimir Putin:

On June 23, 2020 we again became victims of war crimes committed by the Turkish army against our country and our people. Mrs. “Amina Wisi” was sitting in front of her house in “Haling” village near the city of Kobani accompanied by her guests “Zahra Barkal” and “Hbon Mulla Khalil”, and suddenly they were bombed by A pilot plane for the Turkish army, killing the three Kurdish women.

The two women, “Zahra Barkal” and “Hbon Mulla Khalil”, were members of our women’s organization, “The Star Conference”, and they were working with Mrs. “Amina Wessi” working for women’s rights and resolving the Syrian crisis democratically. As a Kubani people, in 2014 the three women fought against ISIS to protect their city and all humanity,Remarkably, they were attacked in the night before the fifth anniversary of the massacre committed by ISIS against the people of Kobani, which killed 271 children, women and elderly people.

And because what happened is a war crime, we demand the Russian government and its forces in Syria to fulfill their duty to ensure the protection of the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian lands, to facilitate the voluntary and safe return of the displaced and block the road to “a policy of ethnic extermination” as agreed by Turkey and the Russian Federation in the agreement signed between them On October 22, 2019, under which both parties have not moved yet.

Many of the war crimes committed by Turkey have been documented, such as: the use of chemical weapons to bomb civilians in the city of Ras Al-Ain, and the deliberate bombing of medical personnel in October and second, and since then Turkey has not abandoned its attacks on unarmed civilians and its military attacks on residents Northern and eastern Syria, and in the occupied areas of northern and eastern Syria such as Afrin and Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ain, there are practices of ethnic extermination, killing, torture, kidnapping and rape on a daily basis, women are subjected to sexual violence and crimes similar to what the terrorist organization ISIS was committing against women in Syria, and it is no coincidence that women leaders in Kobani were subjected to the Turkish attack after Turkey targeted the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Hefrin Khalaf and a member of the Star Conference, Mrs. Aqeda Othman in October 2019.

Self-administration areas in northern and eastern Syria are exposed and over the past ten months to attacks by Turkey and its groups, “The Syrian National Army”, and due to the shelling and continuous attacks on the areas of Al-Shahba, Tal Rifaat, Manbij, Ain Issa and Tal Tamr, thousands of civilians have been displaced from their homes, and they are killed daily In these areas, the civilians and the Internal Security Forces in both Gerke Lege and and Kobani, have been killed by Turkish army attacks.

We invite you to take steps to cut the road to war crimes and violate international covenants, and we urge you to protect the lives of civilians, the rights of all women and civilians, and the protection of all religious and ethnic beliefs.

In order to implement the standards of the agreement that we talked about above, and to protect human rights, we call on the President and the Government of the Russian Federation to:

Imposing a no-fly zone in northern and eastern Syria.

To open an investigation into the killing of women on June 23, 2020 in the village of Halling, in the city of Kobani, and to prosecute those responsible.

Ensure the withdrawal of the Turkish army and related military groups from Syrian territory.

Support the voluntary and safe return of internally displaced persons and refugees due to the war.

Take urgent steps to resolve the Syrian crisis democratically away from the war and ensure the participation of women and representatives of all ethnic, religious and political groups in Syria.

We thank you for your interest”.

Translation: Selava Omar

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