France and the coast countries plan to consolidate gains in war against ISIS

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

The five coast countries and France, at the end of a summit in Nouakchott, on Tuesday, expressed their determination to consolidate the gains they had made against the militants in recent months, while admitting that they face huge challenges that may make this difficult.

French President “Emmanuel Macron” affirmed that the Sahelian forces and the French forces that support them in fighting extremists succeeded in “reflecting” the balance of power in the triple border region (Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger), where in recent months it focused its military operations against armed groups loyal to ISIS terrorist .

And Macron emphasized that “victory is possible” in the Sahel region, pointing out that this matter requires “strengthening” the last dynamic, especially by ensuring the return of governors, judges, and police services to areas still out of control.

For his part, the Mauritanian President, Mohamed Ould Cheikh El-Ghazwany, who hosted the summit, stated that “the progress achieved, despite its symbolism and the fact that it holds great hopes, remains deficient in the face of the size of the challenges that must be raised, as violent extremism in its various forms still inhabits many areas of a group’s space The fifth in the coast is disturbingly expanding into new areas. ”

He added, according to what was reported by media sources: “The development of the political and security crisis in Libya since 2011 calls for more vigilance from us, as the Libyan crisis, which today constitutes one of the main causes of the deterioration of the security situation in the space of the Group of Five in the coast, continues today to feed Armed terrorist groups active in the coast through smuggling ammunition, drugs and trafficking in human beings, which necessitates us making them today among the priorities of our joint action. ”

Representatives of the United Nations, the African and European Unions, as well as government leaders from Spain and Italy participated in the summit, and most of them participated in the summit via video.

The summit’s final statement affirmed “the commitment of heads of state not to tolerate any violation of human rights and international humanitarian law.”

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