The “Kongra Star” Organization sends a message to the American coalition forces stationed in northern and eastern Syria regarding the Kobani massacre on June 23

On the night of June 23 this year, drones of the Turkish state launched an attack on the “village of Haling”, located in the east of the city of Kobani, where the attack resulted in the death of three women who are members of the “Kongra Star” / Women’s Conference, in Kobani.

In this regard, on June 26, the “Kongra Star” issued a telegram to the government of the United States of America and the American coalition forces stationed in northern and eastern Syria, condemning the brutal Turkish attack on the village of “Halling” in Kobani

And The letter stated:

Dear Sir / Madam

on 23 June 2020 we witnessed another war crime carried out by the Turkish army against our land and people: Ms. Amina Waysî was sitting in front of her house in the village Helince near Kobanê when she and her guests Ms. Zehra Berkel and Ms. Hebûn Mele Xelîl were all of a sudden targeted by missiles of a Turkish UAV. All three Kurdish women were killed in this attack.
Ms. Zehra Berkel and Ms. Hebûn Mele Xelîl were members of our women’s organisation Kongra Star. Together with women like Ms. Amina Waysi they worked in their community for women’s rights and democratic solution to the conflict in Syria. As people of Kobanê they resisted against ISIS attacks in 2014 to defend humanity. Significantly just in the eve of the 5th anniversary of the ISIS massacre in which 271 civilians – children, women and elderly people – were brutally slaughtered in Kobanê, they became victims of a massacre by the Turkish army in Kobanê.

On the occasion of this crime of war, we call upon the US-government and the international coalition forces in North and East Syria to fulfil their obligations as “to uphold human life, human rights, and the protection of religious and ethnic communities“. Turkey and the U.S. ratified this pledge in their “ceasefire agreement” declared in the Joint Statement on North-East Syria on 17 October 2019. But so far both sides have failed to act accordingly.

Many war crimes, e.g. the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Serekaniye and the bombing of health care teams by Turkish army forces were documented in October and November 2019. Since then Turkey has never stopped its invasion against civilian settlements and military aggressions against the peoples of North and East Syria. In the Turkish occupied areas of Northern Syria, like in Afrin, Giresipi (Til Ebiyat) and Serekaniye (Rasalain) ethnic genocide practices, executions, kidnapping and torture have been continuing day by day.

Women are subjected to gender specific violence and similar crimes as they have been under the terror of ISIS. Therefore it is no coincidence that after the assassinations of the Secretary-General of the Syria Future Party Hevrin Khelef and our member Ms. Aqide Usman in October 2019, now in Kobanê once again women community leaders have been targeted by the Turkish army.

During the last 10 months the regions of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria have been constantly under attack of the Turkish army and their affiliated jihadist groups called “National Syrian Army”. Due to continuing shelling and attacks on the civilian settlements especially in the regions of Sheba, Til Rifat, Minbic, Ain-Issa and Til Temir thousands have been expelled from their homes. Daily new civilian casualties are reported from these regions. Further civilians and members of internal security forces were killed by Turkish army attacks in the districts of Girkelege, Tirbesipiye and Kobanê.

We request you to take immediate steps in order to prevent further war-crimes and violation of international law, as well as to protect human life, women’s and human rights, including the protection of all religious and ethnic communities.

In order to comply with the principles of the above mentioned agreement and international human rights we urge the U.S. government to
• close the airspace over North and East Syria
• investigate the details of the assassination of women on 23 June 2020 in the village Helince / Kobanê and to bring those responsible to justice
• insure the withdrawal of Turkish forces and affiliated military groups from Syrian state territory
• support the voluntary and safe return of displaced people and war refugees inside and outside Syria to their homelands.
• take urgent steps for a democratic solution of the conflict including the participation of women and representatives of all ethnic, religious and political groups in Syria.
We thank you for your concern.
On behalf of the Coordination of Kongra Star
Yours sincerely.

Qamishlo, 26 June 2020

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