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Researchers .. the Antarctic temperature rises 3 times faster than the rest of the world

Selava Omar –

A study showed ,posted today,Tuesday, that the temperature of the Antarctic is rising because of climate change three times faster than the rest of the world despite being the farthest place on the face of the earth, as high temperatures that break the record in the far south on earth are fed by increasing greenhouse gases and natural climate changes In the tropics.

The Antarctic temperature has risen by about 1.8 ° C over the past 30 years, which is three times the global average, according to a study by the University of Victoria in New Zealand published by the journal “Nature Climax Cheng”, Where the authors of the study examined meteorological station data, observations, and climate models to better understand the reason for the large average temperature rise.

“These results challenge a general scientific consensus that the Antarctica is immune from warming,” said lead researcher Kelly Klim, in a statement. Research indicates that the increase in average temperature is associated with natural weather changes in the tropics.

This, Clem added, is “how closely linked the Antarctic climate is to tropical diversity.”

In February, temperatures in the southern continent reached 18.3 degrees Celsius (64.94 degrees Fahrenheit) at an Argentine research base at the northernmost tip of the continent. This previous record of 17.5 degrees Celsius (63.5 degrees Fahrenheit) which was recorded in the same place five years ago was broken.

This has led to an increase in ocean temperatures in the western tropical Pacific, which in turn reduced air pressure over the Widdle Sea in Antarctica and increased warm air access to the continent, according to the study published in “Nature Climate Change”.

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