Greece refuses the enter Turkey in Libya

Selava Omar – -“Agencies”

During his visit to Tunisia, yesterday Monday, Greek Foreign Minister “Nikos Dendias” stressed his country’s rejection of any foreign interference in Libya, especially Turkey, which supports the “Al-Wefaq” militias with weapons and mercenaries.

During his visit to Tunisia, “Dendias” met with the country’s president, “Qais Saeed”, Prime Minister “Elias Al-Fakhfakh”, and his Tunisian counterpart, “Noureddine Rai”.

During his meeting with “irrigation”, the Greek Foreign Minister stated that he was “pleased to see that there is a common vision of respecting international law, the exact opposite of what Turkey is doing.”

According to a statement issued by the Greek embassy, “Dundias” stressed “the need for a Libyan solution without foreign entities or armies.”

According to the official Tunisian News Agency, the Greek Foreign Minister appreciated Tunisia’s position calling for a political settlement to the Libyan crisis and away from external interference.

“We strongly believe that Tunisia is able to play a positive role,” he added.

And Tunisia remained neutral over the conflict in neighboring Libya, before its president, Qais Saeed, visited France last week.

A visit during which the position of the Carthage Palace seemed contrary to what it wanted to be promoted by the Renaissance Movement, which represents the branch of the Brotherhood in this country, that the country supports what is called the “Al Wefaq” government in Tripoli.

In the wake of that visit, Qais Saeed was attacked by Al-Nahda, after confirming that his country would not accept the division of Libya, calling for an immediate ceasefire and an end to foreign interventions.

It is noteworthy that the relations between Ankara and Athens are strained against the background of several files, especially because of Turkey’s exploration of oil in the Mediterranean.

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