The European Union postpones the vote on opening borders with a number of countries

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

On Saturday, media sources reported that the Europeans have not yet agreed on the list of countries in which the level of Covid-19 infection is considered to be “safe”, which will allow residents to enter Europe in July.

On Friday evening, European Union ambassadors and the Schengen space proposed a list of 15 countries, excluding the United States, where the epidemic appears out of control, and includes China on terms.

Croatia, which holds the bloc’s rotating presidency, gave member states until Saturday evening to vote, but some requested more time.

“The consultations are continuing and will continue until Monday,” a European diplomatic source told AFP.

“It is difficult to predict the outcome, but the presidency is hoping for a vote on Monday,” he added.

Where the proposed list includes 14 countries (Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay) as well as China on the condition of reciprocity, i.e. provided they allow this

The list does not include the United States, the country most affected by the emerging coronavirus, with 125,255 deaths out of 2.5 million infections as of Saturday evening, as well as Brazil and Russia.

And the list is supposed to be reviewed every two weeks.

Although border control remains the prerogative of every country, the European Union is coordinating its efforts as much as possible on the issue of travelers who will be allowed entry, the Schengen , while lifting restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the virus.

Some tourist countries appear willing to reopen the border at an early date. Since June 15, Greece has started opening its airports to travelers from several countries outside the European Union, including China, New Zealand and South Korea.

It is worth noting that unnecessary trips to the European Union have been banned since the middle of last March, and this measure should be gradually lifted from the first of July, with priority being given to visitors coming from countries where there is a similar epidemic situation to the European Union where the virus has receded, or better .

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