Egypt and Spain are conducting “combat” naval training at the Bernese base

Selava Omar – – ‘Agencies”

Media sources reported that One of the Egyptian naval units, the French frigate “Suez” and the Spanish frigate “Numancia”, conducted a maritime transit at the Bernese Naval Base, within the scope of operations of the Southern Fleet in the Red Sea.

A statement issued by the Egyptian armed forces, on Thursday evening, stated that the training included the implementation of several training activities to enhance maritime security measures in the south of the Red Sea, and to achieve compatibility in the performance of the combat missions of the Egyptian and Spanish fleets, in accordance with international rules in force on the high seas.

The training is one of the specific combat training exercises that contribute to achieving cooperation between the marine formations, to confront the various threats and hostilities, with training to restore the competence of the units and resupply them at sea.

This training is the second of its kind with the Spanish navy in a short period of time, according to the military spokesman, who indicated that it contributes to the exchange of common experiences with the Spanish side, and to take advantage of bilateral capabilities in achieving the common interests of both sides, and to enhance military cooperation between the Egyptian and Spanish navies .

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