The European Union warns Turkey against violating the coast of Cyprus

Selava Omar –

Media sources reported that the European Union Foreign Minister, “Josip Borel”, announced that Turkish exploration of gas off the coast of the island of Cyprus “should stop”, during his meeting with Cypriot officials in Nicosia.

“Borel” said on Twitter after his meeting with Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides that “illegal Turkish excavations must stop.”

The European Union’s chief diplomat added during a two-day visit to Nicosia that he discussed with Christodoulides “strengthening regional stability” and reducing tensions.

He pointed out that “the definition of the exclusive economic zones that Turkey opposes must be made within the framework of full respect for international law and in good faith, as Cyprus has proposed.”

“Turkey chose to go ahead with the sixth illegal drilling operation in less than a year, violating the sovereign rights of Cyprus and destabilizing the region,” Christodoulides said after meeting Borel on Thursday.

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