An American newspaper reveals Turkey’s goal of pumping its currency in northern Syria and its presence in the region

Hamid AL-Nasser –

On the impact of Turkey’s continued policy in northern Syria amid a large international silence from that, The Wall Street Journal commented that Syrians who want to buy bread or fuel in northern Syria are rushing to replace Syrian pounds with Turkish pounds.

The newspaper added that Turkey offers its currency to the Syrian parts under its control, taking advantage of the economic collapse to consolidate its control.

“The use of the Turkish lira is another indication that Turkey considers these areas an extension of its rule,” said Asli Idintasbas, senior policy fellow at the European Council.

He added that this indicates that Turkey’s presence will be prolonged in northern Syria.

The newspaper also stressed that replacing the Syrian pound with a Turkish one helps Ankara to integrate these parts into the fabric of the Turkish economy more.

It is worth noting that Turkey continues to reinforce its military presence in Idlib and other areas in the Syrian north, in addition to pumping its currency into Syrian territory.

Translation: Selava Omar

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