How did Turkey obtain information about the existence of a “meeting” in a house in the village of Haling in the Syrian town of Kobani ??

Brusk Hassan –

Turkey was able to penetrate into Syrian society, and recruited many people in favor of its political, economic and intelligence agendas, and since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, it had a clear presence in all the changes that take place on the scene, and it supported coordination and political figures, sometimes ideologically and at other times with money after their recruitment, through Their clients, who spread from the beginning on the Syrian scene, widely.

The Syrian opposition initially denied any Turkish role in the events taking place, but it could not be hidden in any way, and it developed more after the Russian intervention directly, and hit the opposition factions loyal to Ankara, Which finally led to an agreement with Moscow and the finalization of time to liquidate the Kurds, whether by buying the receivables, or by targeting and killing them, especially those who have not been purchased.

The new method of Turkish intelligence is to interfere in countries and establish broad and powerful spies networks by introducing relief institutions and not necessarily starting from Turkey and the place of that organization may be one of the European countries, and the second method which can open each door is to exploit the media and work in different names, including opposition and independent and some of them From the same habitat its support is hidden in other ways.

As a result of the chaos in which Northeast and Syria in general live, the ground was well prepared for Turkish intelligence projects, and for the projects of its agents and spies, and as a result of the poverty experienced by the Syrian citizen, many have become ready to carry out any task entrusted to them, the third thing which is important, because the Turkish intelligence is targeting Personalities bear personal hatred, and as a result of the conflict in the country, these cases have increased greatly in Syrian society.

In Rojava and northeastern Syria, the targets have always been self-management leaders, members of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and leaders of the SDF, and even not undercover, the commander-in-chief of the SDF has been targeted at a meeting in Raqqa And even it is not hidden. The commander-in-chief of the SDF was targeted at a meeting in Raqqa, and the bomb was detonated a few seconds before the arrival of the commander-in-chief, Mazloum Kobani, which prevented the disaster.

Turkey and under the leadership of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and with his deteriorating internal situation and external struggles everywhere and with all neighbors, he is looking for a victory even if he is media, and that there is no deterrent and his arrest on his own, especially by Russia and America, he is ready to attack and bomb Anywhere.

Observers believe that the leaders of the self-administration, the leaders of the Democratic Union Party, the Democratic Society Movement, and the leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, do not take the Turkish threat and its danger sufficiently to replace the “grandfather”.

Use of communication and movement randomly and without a plan exposes the administrator to danger and filter.

According to the existing data, the “ meeting ” that was targeted by a Turkish drone, is already a research intelligence operation, since targeting a house in which Kurdish women activists meet, it must be one of the intelligence networks has given the coordinates to the Turkish intelligence, and this may be the result of a mistake From one of those who met there, and you may have made contact with a person and he also transmitted it via his intentional or unintended communication to another person and thus he reached the hand of the network and then to the intelligence, and in any case all their contacts must be reviewed, this is first ‘

Secondly, ‘there may be an agent who was recruited by the Turkish intelligence, and has already transmitted the information, and he must also be in contact and advance knowledge of the location of the meeting, and he should investigate whether there has been any contact from the home with anyone outside.

Third, Kobani is a Kurdish city, inhabited by almost 99 percent of Kurds, and all the people of the region know each other, I think it is the easiest region to know and discover the client cell, so the process could not have taken place without prior contacts, and not necessarily be an official may be a regular employee ?! ” .

The fourth thing, which is also important, ‘Certainly, there were some figures who were aware of the meeting but were not meeting, and for this it is necessary to investigate all those who had knowledge of this meeting, and search behind the truth, until reaching it.

Democratic self-management must open a comprehensive investigation from the first place they left and where they stopped, and with those who called and spoke to the last point, which is the family’s house, kicked in the village of Halling, study the situation of the village and its people and put all possibilities before the eyes.

There is a cell of agents and spies, and they must be searched, arrested and brought to trial, and they must be searched until they are discovered.

Translation: Selava Omar

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