Pompeo: The ongoing cycle of violence in Syria hinders hope for a political solution

Sorkhin Resul –

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed sympathy for the families of innocent civilians who were killed and wounded in Syria as a result of the terrorist explosion in “Tel Halif” and the air strike on Kobani.

In his tweet, Mike Pompeo said: “We express our sincere sympathy to the families of the innocent civilians who were killed and injured in Syria in the terrorist attack in “Tel Halaf” and the air raid in Kobani. The ongoing cycle of violence hampers hope for a lasting political solution to the conflict in Syria.

Yesterday, a Turkish government drone launched an attack on the village of “Halling”, located in the city of “Kobani”, where the attack affected a civilian house in the village, resulting in the death of four women and a number of wounded. The town of “Tel Halif”, which is part of the “Ras Al Ain” region

Translation: Selava Omar

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