In pictures: The road to the caliphate state.. which is the epicenter of the terrorists in Syria.. by the lens of “Xeber24”

Prepare: Sorkhin Resul ـ .net
Translation: Selava Omar

Al-Houl is a town east of Al-Hasakah Governorate, northeast of Syria, which was seized and occupied by ISIS operatives in 2013 and 2014 after violent clashes with Syrian government forces that killed many civilians and military personnel.

” Al-Houl ” was liberated by the People’s Protection Units, which are now under the banner of the SDF on 13/11/2015, and it was considered the first strategic success achieved by the People’s Protection Units and allied forces, and the town became a site for the refugee camp and became known as the Al-Hol Refugee Camp After the flow of IDPs from the areas of ISIS control.

On the third visit of Xeber24 correspondents to “Al-Houl camp”, where our correspondent says, “Our road was smooth from Qamishlo to Al-Hasakah, but as soon as we headed to “Al-Houl” town, security measures were tight in order to prevent any kind of weapons or the like being smuggled into the camp, as well as the matter. When we leave to avoid trying to smuggle women from the inside.

When we arrived at the camp, we waited a little while to confirm the security approval that we obtained to allow us to photograph a reportage about the camp, and we were only allowed to enter the camp market due to the danger of the incursion between IS women’s tents where a Swedish media was kidnapped earlier during its incursion into the tents and the women By trying to burn it with kerosene before the security forces could get it out (according to a military source inside the camp).

The security measures were strict for the sake of our safety, at first we headed to the immigrant section, which contains 40 thousand women from the organization, and the military and security forces in the Self-Administration for North and East Syria on June 10, conducted a large-scale combing campaign in Al-Hol camp that lasted for a week, In addition to the process of reorganizing part of the camp in the immigrant section, the women’s data was collected and recorded, and the numbering of tents was divided and divided according to the countries they belong to.

Once we entered the immigrant market, silence prevailed in the market, and their angry looks began to us and one of them threatened me by pointing her hand to her neck, which is the way ISIS uses to kill its victims, and then we started hearing the phrases, like, you are infidels and apostates, why do you not wear the veil where is your legal dress.

The children were more angry, when they threw stones at us from long distances and when we tried to talk to them they refused, saying that your are not Muslims, your are infidels, We will not talk to your.

There are sections for training children in the idea of organizing where women and mothers raise their children to extremism and killing and prepare them for jihad, while there are other women who want their children back to their countries to get a better life and to receive their education and practice their normal life like the rest of the children, and more than 300 children were returned to their homes and 9000 are still in the camp.

It was very difficult for us to talk to women or children. They categorically refused to talk to us or appear in front of the camera. There are some of them who want to talk, but they are afraid of the women of “Hesba”. When asked about the alleged Islamic state, they are very angry and refuse to speak.

In the Syrian and Iraqi section, it was not different and the matter was very chaotic and difficult to control them, the women started forming rings and stuttering and referring to us and the children gathered around us, and according to a military source inside the camp said that Iraqi women are more dangerous than immigrant women, where Iraqi women committed 19 murders while in the department Immigrant women only 5 crimes.

We penetrated the market a little and one of the women attacked us in obscene terms and accused us of disbelief, as a quarrel occurred between them during a meeting with one of the Iraqi refugees, where one of the women of ISIS reprimanded her because she did not cover her eyes in front of the camera and began sharp accusations between them and almost developed into a fight with hands.

The camp is witnessing a boiling situation, as ISIS wives live in the hope of escaping, as many women from the organization are trying to escape from the camp by provoking riots, and they are still adhering to the teachings of the organization, and they hope for the return of the Islamic state as they say.

Despite the defeat of the Islamic State and the elimination of its alleged militarily caliphate, its danger still exists because they are imbued with the idea of ISIS ideologically.

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