Saleh Muslim”: The Kurdish-Kurdish Agreement is in the interest of all components of the Syrian North and Turkey, the enemy of all peoples

Sorkhin Resul –

On the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), General Mazloum Abdi, after several rounds of negotiations, a delegation, the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) and the Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK), concluded on June 16, 2020, in Hasaka, Syria, phase one From Kurdish unity negotiations.

A member of the Joint Presidency of the Democratic Union Party, “ Saleh Muslim ”, told “Xeber 24”: the Kurdish-Kurdish understanding and the unity of the Kurdish class is for the benefit of all, especially the components in northeastern Syria, if the Kurds were able to unite in a word, it is for the benefit of all The components are the Kurdish people first and then the people that deal with them in this geography.

The Syrian Kurdish leader, Saleh Muslim, added: “The dispersed Kurdish is a harm for all that the enemies of peoples take advantage of to use them wherever they want while if the Kurds unite, and they have one word, they will be friends of all peoples.

On Turkey’s threats to Kurdish parties in Syria, Muslim said: “Turkish threats are continuing. They do not want these peoples to unite. They do not want to establish among them a democratic rapprochement, or a democratic system that includes everyone. Turkey does not like this thing, so it is an enemy of all peoples when it is able and says Its word and its ranks unite Turkey does not want this thing in Turkey now or present Turkey, fascism and is the enemy of all peoples.

Translation: Selava Omar

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