Riad Dirar to “Xeber24”: Russia is closer to the system than its dealings with self-management and “America” excluded eastern Syria from Caesar’s law on conditions

Prepare: Sorkhin Resul –
Translation: Selava Omar

The regions of northern and eastern Syria are witnessing developments in many economic, political and military aspects, coinciding with the application of the “Caesar” law to Syria and the regime in Damascus, in the midst of Kurdish unity talks, and Russian promises to play a mediating role for talks between the self-administration and the Syrian regime. .

Where the implementation of the “Caesar Law”, which includes US sanctions aimed at withholding revenues for the Syrian regime, on 17/6/2020, coincides with a record depreciation of the lira and a collapse of the economy, where the UN envoy, non-Pederson, warned of a famine.

In this context, the joint head of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riyad Darar, stated, in a special statement to “Xeber24”, in which he declared that the regions of northeastern Syria were excluded from the sanctions because they were mainly besieged, saying: “trying to coexist with the Caesar’s law and its consequences for Syria Despite the exception of the regions of northeastern Syria, these areas were always built for the people in them to fulfill their needs without there being any impact on the tracks of the Syrian crisis. These effects are we coexist with them and try not to make mistakes that could lead to besieging these areas, , America has interests and therefore it can face these regions with a kind of economic pressure that these regions cannot bear because they are mainly surrounded by others, whether it is Turkey or from the region or from other sides and we can say the situation needs a lot of monitoring and care.

In his statment, “Drar” revealed that America promised to help self-administration in light of the implementation of Caesar’s law, but on conditions: “America under Caesar’s law exempted the northern and eastern regions of Syria from the blockade, and it also has conditions, not to cooperate with the system and provide any assistance to them, so aid can It continues to these areas and there can be some form of stability, so we are working to help the people of these areas and not be affected by the results of this siege.
In fact, we also look at the people of the Syrian people in other regions under the control of the regime and we hope to find a way to help the people without there being an impact on the regime’s siege, so that people can live in a better condition because more than the people who are besieging them in fact is the same regime that is still plundering good things The country does not offer anything that can help the people of the people in the areas it controls, and this is evidence that those who surround the people of Syria are the same regime before Caesar’s law.

Regarding Russian mediation, the Syrian politician, Riyad Darrar, explained that the Russians are biased in their mediation to the side of the regime, as: “Russia is closer to the regime in its dealings with us, and its mediation is in order to withdraw this project to serve the interests of the regime as it has done in the de-escalation areas. To volunteer in these regions and then to make the uprising in them withdraw from them and hand them over to the regime, and it wants to do the same work in our regions because, as a result, it affects the Syrian decision, and it maps the regime’s policies, and we submit the regions to the regime, and so they are in control. ”

Darar added: “Then there is the Russian-American rivalry in the region that makes it accept nothing but complete surrender to any region it faces and wants to subjugate and therefore it is working with Turkey as well for that. We believe that Russia at some point must work on a political solution correctly and we are coming On that, our hands are open to a real political solution that fulfills the interests and needs of the Syrian people in the reasons that led them to rise since 2011, namely the needs of freedom, dignity and well-being that this people have not been blessed for more than 60 years because of control, tyranny and the organization of the one party whose members were blessed with the best of the country without The rest of the people. ”

On the Kurdish-Kurdish agreement and the need of the Syrian society for this agreement, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riyad Darar, said: “The Kurdish-Kurdish agreement is an urgent need for the Syrian opposition first to unify its path and unify its goals and converge on an inclusive word with which they can face the following benefits in the Syrian solution Consequently, the next refusal that was from the opposition members is now linked to Turkish politics, this is evidence that this opposition has mortgaged itself and its decision not to belong to Syria, and also Turkey should not face this project because it serves the unity of the Syrian ranks and thus serves Turkey’s interests later if it extends its hand positively In order to achieve the interests of its people without the colonial vision that governs the policies of the ruling party.

Regarding attempts to open the Tel Kujer border crossing: “The crossings were closed to aid coming from the United Nations, and therefore the decision is a decision for the issue of aid to come from specific crossings and the Russian veto is entitled to this. This has become known, but there is more than one way to find ways to deliver other aid.” To the regions, whether through the Tel Koger crossing or other crossings. ”

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