A statement by a group of organizations about the Turkish bombing of Sinjar district To / the Iraqi government, relevant internal and regional institutions, the United Nations, and relevant international institutions

We condemn and denounce the indiscriminate shelling that Sinjar Mountain. Which subjected to it repeatedly by the Turkish aggression forces. Every every time it causes material and human damages. In addition, it is now common to everyone that what happened to the Yezidis in Sinjar after the recent events that occurred on August 3, 2014 by ISIS terrorist organization; Displacement, rape, and exploding their homes because of their religious identity, as well as the forced displacement from their homes. It is mentioned that about 7,000 women, men and children were kidnapped in 2014 and the largest number are still suffering in ISIS criminal prisons without being put into the consideration by the local government and the international community the reasons behind this and Yezidis’ sufferings. The aerial bombardment that Mount Sinjar is exposed to in light of the suffering of our people.
Since ancient times, the Yezidi people have been subjected to threats and bombing by the Turkish aggression, and since they occupied all Yezidi villages in northeastern Syria and carried out their criminal acts against the Yezidis; killing, kidnapping and selling women.
That is why we fear that what will happen in Sinjar is as what happened in Yezidis in Afrin, in northern Syria. These heinous acts against Yezidis will be repeated in Sinjar ..
The international community and the relevant international institutions represent the role of the spectator no more. They view our issue as a sad story and sympathize with it after delivering it without moving with a real step and serious work in order to reduce the suffering of our people in Sinjar and achieve justice for them. Today, Sinjar needs actual positions and actual action on the ground from local government as well as the international community and civil society organizations
Everyone concerned to stop this shelling on Mount Sinjar.
These criminal acts hinder the return of the displaced to their areas and constitute a dam or an impenetrable barrier in front of them. As well as delaying the reconstruction of the city and the implementation of projects in the region.
So we, as NGOs in Iraq, are demanding and appealing to the international community and the Iraqi government to intervene immediately to stop the Turkish aggression attacks on Iraq and that the flight over Sinjar sky bebprohibited.

The Signatories:
* Yazidi Women Support Association
* Yazidi Organization for Documentation.
* Minority Women Forum in Iraq.
*Nabu Organization
* Friends Organization for Community Development.
*Jilan Organization.
* Benaa Center to Eliminate Violence against Women.
* Horace Organization.
* Spike of The Future.
* Children Sinjar Humanitarian Organization.
* Sinjar Cultural Forum.
* Youth Bridge Organization.
* TRT for Education Courses.
* Sunrise Organization.
*Dareen Organization
*Iraqi Women Forum
*Ezidkhan Charity Organization
*Sinjar Organization for People with Special Needs.
* Iraqi and Arab Women Organization
* Sinjar Humanitarian Organization

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