The United States considers the initial understanding of the historic step to benefit the Kurdish people and all Syrian components

Selava Omar –

The delegations of the Kurdish National Council in Syria and the Kurdish national unity parties in Rojava reached a common political vision, stressing the importance of cooperation and the unity of the Syrian Kurds.

On this occasion, the US embassy in Damascus congratulated the Kurdish parties through a congratulatory telegram, which it published on its official Facebook account, and stated:

Suport for Intra-Kurd Dialogue in Syria

On June 16,2020, in Hasaka, Syria, delegations from the Kurdish National Council (KNC) and the Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK) concluded an initial phase of Intra-Kurdish unity negotiations.

The two delegations – headed by PYD and the KDP-S affirmed to local media that the two sides reached a set of preliminary understandings using the 2014 Duhok Agreement an a basis for ongoing unity talks that will cover governance, administrative cooperation, and protection, the two sides agreed on a binding joint political vision and affirmed their commitment to continuing in the near future .

The United States welcomes this preliminary understanding as an important step towards greater understanding and practical cooperation.

The delegations acknowledged the many sacrifices the people in Syria have made in recent years, especially those who gave their lives in the fight to help protect the world from the tyranny of ISIS.

This understanding symbolizes an important first step towards greater political coordinating between Syrian Kurdish political factions with support of the United States and and will contribute to a peaceful resolution of the Syrians opposed to the Assad regime.

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