Rockets landed near the American embassy in Baghdad

Selava Omar –

Media sources said that 4 Katyusha rockets landed Wednesday night – Thursday in the fortified Green Zone in central Baghdad, where the US embassy is located, in the fifth attack of its kind in 10 days, according to a security source inside the Green Zone told to “AFP”

These missiles represent an extension of a series of shells that were fired at Baghdad, specifically the Green Zone, which includes the most important diplomatic mission headquarters, including the American embassy.

According to the sources, the American embassy in Baghdad issued warning sirens after the missile attack, and helicopters circled over the Green Zone in Baghdad immediately after this attack.

This attack comes after a series of similar incidents, including a missile attack on a base within Baghdad International Airport, and on June 13, a missile attack targeted a base north of Baghdad in which the forces of the US-led coalition are stationed.

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