In preparation for the major battle of Idlib .. Russian planes arrive to “Hmeimim”

Hamid AL-Nasser –

Four Russian cargo planes arrived at the Hmeimim air base near the city of Jableh in Lattakia countryside on Tuesday.

“Omar Rahmoun,” a member of the reconciliation system affiliated with the Syrian regime, said in a tweet on his account “Twitter” on social media, that “four Russian Yushin cargo planes full of ammunition arrived at “Hmeimim” Airport in Lattakia countryside in preparation for a major battle in Idlib and the epic of the season.

He added in a second tweet that “this batch will be followed by several additional shipments of ammunition in the coming days, and that the Astana and Sochi agreement will only be implemented in the field, and the only field in which Erdogan is understood.”

It is worth noting that Russian warplanes carried out several air strikes on the Jabal Zawiya area, with a large number of the Turkish regime’s army reaching the area and the establishment of new military bases in the region.

Translation: Selava Omar

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