SDF and the coalition arrest the most prominent ISIS leaders

Hamid AL-Nasser –

The military campaign by the international coalition forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF” continues to pursue sleeper cells affiliated with ISIS in the areas of the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor and the countryside of Hasaka adjacent to the Syrian-Iraqi border.

In the same context, activists from the Deir Al-Zour countryside told Xeber24 correspondent that the international coalition forces, with ground support from “Qasd”, had carried out a landing operation near the town of Al-Baghouz during the past few hours.

The activists added that the landing operation resulted in the arrest of a prominent terrorist leader (the Prince of Health) of the “ISIS” organization, in the former “Hasaka”, called “Abu Iman al-Falluji,” an Iraqi.

It is worth noting that the international coalition, which is present in several bases in northern and eastern Syria, affirmed the continuation of providing military and logistical support to the Syrian Democratic Forces, within the framework of international efforts aimed at the complete elimination of the terrorist organization “ISIS”.

Translation: Selava Omar

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