The American embassy in Damascus announces the entry of the Caesar Law under implementation with America’s commitment to some pledges

Brusk Hassan –

The American Embassy in Damascus announced today, Tuesday, on its social media page, “Facebook”, that the US Caesar Law has been entered into force.

In its brief statement, the embassy said that the United States of America continues its commitment to ensure that humanitarian support reaches the Syrian people “ with the entry into force of sanctions under Caesar’s law, the United States continues its commitment to ensure the arrival of international humanitarian support for civilians in Syria through close coordination between international partners ” ‘.

Despite the embassy’s announcement, the law known as “Caesar’s Law” came into effect on June 17th with the aim of depriving Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of any opportunity to convert the military victory he achieved on the ground into political capital to perpetuate and enhance the chances of his stay in the coast for an indefinite period Named.

The law also aims to increase the financial, economic and political isolation that Assad suffers from, besieging and punishing his allies in order to force him to accept a political solution to the Syrian crisis on the basis of Security Council Resolution 2254.

The sanctions also include all international and regional parties that cooperate with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which deprives him of the opportunity to bypass these sanctions by circumventing them and will automatically cover any economic activity, as well as any dealings with Iran and any of the regional and international parties and if you think about investing or working in Syria.

Sanctions also target entities working for Assad in four sectors: oil and natural gas, aircraft, construction, and engineering, and this includes direct and indirect support to the regime, such as support for militias backed by Iran and Russia operating in Syria.

Translation: Selava Omar

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