The Arab League: Ankara and Tehran are using the crises to support the militias, and their interference in Arab affairs must stop

Kajin Ahmad –

The Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League, Hossam Zaki, said today, Tuesday, that Turkey and Iran’s interference in Arab affairs must stop, stressing that the two countries are taking advantage of the crises to support the militias.

Zaki stressed in an interview with the Egyptian News Agency, that “Turkey and Iran do not observe the principles of good neighborliness with the Arab countries, and to stoke the fire of discord and discord,” stressing that their interventions in the countries of the region must be stopped.

He pointed out, “The Turkish intervention in Libya, Syria and Iraq, its recruiting of foreign fighters and terrorists to Libyan lands is rejected and condemned by the Arabs.”

Zaki said, “Turkey is hiding behind its agreement with the Libyan government of reconciliation to achieve economic, political and military interests,” adding that “Tehran and Ankara are using the crises to support the militias.”

It is worth noting that Turkey and Iran depend on a group of militants who fall within the framework of mercenaries in Syria, and that Tehran has also been involved in transferring weapons in favor of Turkey to Libya, according to what revealed by several reports and personalities.

Translation: Selava Omar

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