The day before the implementation of the “Caesar” law .. the international alliance reassures self-administration and provides support in northern Syria

Laila Muhammed –

The Special Envoy of the International Alliance against ISIS, Ambassador “William Robak” stressed that the international alliance will continue to support the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria and its economic and political support.

On Tuesday morning, “Berivan Khaled” and “Abdul Hamid Al Mahbash” joint chair of the Executive Council of Self-Management for North and East Syria, and Deputy Joint Chair of the Executive Council of Self-Administration “Elizabeth Korean” met with the Special Envoy of the International Alliance against ISIS, William Robak ”in Qamishlo.

During the meeting, the joint presidency explained the overall political situation in the region as well as the economic conditions of Rubak, and the impact of any economic sanctions on the overall living conditions in all of Syria and the regions of northern and eastern Syria in particular, and what the region suffers from previous repercussions to implement Caesar’s law from the low value The Syrian currency against foreign currencies and high prices.

The joint presidency stressed the need to cooperate and support the international coalition, especially the United States of America, for self-management in these difficult circumstances.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the two parties agreed on the need to work together to spare citizens the impact and repercussions of the sanctions that will affect the Syrian regime under “Caesar” law.

Translation: Selava Omar

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