The international coalition is bringing massive military reinforcements to its deployment sites in northeastern Syria

Hamid AL-Nasser – Xeber24.net

The international coalition forces have brought massive military reinforcements to their locations in northeastern Syria, where they have included more soldiers, military logistics equipment and weapons.

Activists from Al-Hasakah countryside told “Xeber24” correspondent that more than 25 trucks carrying logistical materials and military equipment belonging to the International Alliance entered the past two days from the “Al-Walid” crossing, northeast of Hasaka.

The activists added that the reinforcements were distributed among the coalition forces bases south of Hasaka.

It is worth mentioning that last May witnessed the international alliance sending military and logistical reinforcements to its bases in eastern Syria, in conjunction with the security operations it is conducting with the support of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” SDF against ISIS in the region.

Translation: Selava Omar

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