The Democratic Society Movement holds the Syrian regime responsible for the repercussions of Caesar over the Syrian society

Laila Muhammed – Xeber24.net

The Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM issued a written statement to the public opinion, in which the Syrian regime held the coalition, Russia and the United Nations responsible for the negative effects of Caesar’s law on Syrian society, and called on the international community to intervene quickly to stop the implementation of this law.

In its statement, the Democratic Society Movement said: “A few days separated us from the implementation of the unfair sanctions known as the Caesar’s Law or Caesar’s law against Syria and its people, after all these years of tragedies and suffering that Syria’s society suffered from war, chaotic chaos, and occupation as a result of the lack of a political and radical solution to the Syrian crisis By the international community.

The failure of the Syrian regime and its evasion of its full responsibility for the dialogue between the Syrian-Syrian , the regime bears the greatest portion of this crisis that brought the country to this social and economic catastrophe. It was better for the Syrian regime today to search for alternatives and solutions to this crisis in order to mitigate its effects on the Syrian people, otherwise it is a true partner with this law.

The Democratic Society Movement described the law as an economic war that aims to impose surrender on the will of the people of northeastern Syria, and added: “These sanctions will negatively affect all of Syria, as well as our situation in the north and east of Syria, especially that comes in the context of what remains undamaged, which is The united and united peoples will to protect their accomplishments and values that have been achieved thanks to the great sacrifices made by these peoples.

With this unethical policy, they aim to impose famine, high cost of living and hit the market economy, which will lead to food and medical shortages such as medicines and infant formula, and contribute to the spread and spread of the Corona epidemic among society in general. This in itself is an economic war against our will, and their goal is to impose surrender and seize that free will.

The Democratic Society Movement blamed the international community as well as the Syrian government for the repercussions of implementing this law: “We in the democratic society movement TEV-DEM hold the responsibility for this deteriorating situation of the United Nations, which turned a blind eye to passing this law, as well as the international coalition led by the United States of America, Russia and the government Syrian. We also appeal to the international community to fulfill its moral obligations and to intervene swiftly to stop the implementation of this law. ”

At the conclusion of the statement, the Democratic Society Movement appealed to the community: “Our people and all civil society federations and institutions for North and East Syria that represent the will of a free society to exercise caution against the brokers of economic war, Closely consciousness towards this already artificial economic crisis, expressing condemnation of these sanctions and working to serve and protect society, and we are confident that we will pass that economic crisis.

Translation: Selava Omar

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