A few days before the implementation of the “Caesar” law.. an Iranian ship arrives in the port of Latakia

Hamid AL-Nasser –

A few days before the “Caesar” law was applied to the Syrian regime’s government and its supporters, media outlets loyal to the Syrian regime said that the Iranian cargo ship, “Shahr Kord”, had arrived at the Latakia port loaded with foodstuffs, during the past few hours.

The means confirmed that the Iranian ship is unloading its cargo of food and necessities for living for the Syrian people in the port of Latakia.

The means added that the cargo ship was accompanied by the Iranian warships to secure its arrival to the Syrian ports.

It is worth mentioning that the date of the application of the “Caesar” law is approaching, as the exchange rate of the Syrian pound is deteriorating to its lowest level in its history and a significant increase in the prices of foodstuffs in the areas of the system.

Translation: Selava Omar

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