Libyan Army: Erdogan came to Libya to control its wealth and resources and revive the defeated Ottoman Empire

Kajin Ahmad –

The spokesman for the Libyan National Army, Major General “Ahmed Al-Mismari” said last evening, Saturday, that Erdogan does not need the Libyans and does not carry them with what drives them to national solutions to the current crisis, but came for the purpose of controlling the wealth and resources of Libya as well as to revive the defeated Ottoman Empire.

This came in a statement published by Al-Mismari on his official page on “Facebook”, explaining that, “Throughout history, Turkey has been seizing the capabilities of peoples and their lands and turning them into refugees and dispersed minorities such as the Armenians and the Kurdish nation.”

The statement pointed out that during the first five years of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces move, and to declare their war on criminality and criminal groups, it was able to carry out and implement many of the duties and tasks assigned to them.

The statement continued, “Today, with the intervention of the State of Turkey, the war against terrorism in Libya has turned into an international war under the internal slogan of traitors and agents,” in reference to the reconciliation government.

The statement stressed, “We are fighting to protect our country and our people, as well as the entire Arab world from the Ottoman threat, and our Arab brothers will help us in that.”

The statement concluded by saying: “We will fight together, win together, and build our country together, as well as there is no place for traitors, losers, and agents between us and above our free and proud land.

Translation: Selava Omar

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