Erdogan’s advisor: The Emirates stands in the face of any Egyptian cooperation with us in the Eastern Mediterranean

Kajin Ahmad –

The first advisor to the president of the ruling Justice and Development Party, Yassin Akti, announced today, Saturday, that the UAE stands in the face of any Egyptian cooperation with us in the eastern Mediterranean, even if it is at the expense of the interest of the Egyptians.

This came in press statements to him, claiming that “Turkey did not come to fight Egypt or any regional country but rather to defend its interests,” noting that “the agreement between Egypt and Greece harms the interests of both Egypt and Turkey.”

Aqtai said: “Based on the border demarcation agreement signed by Turkey and Libya, the two countries will benefit from extracting gas and oil, and the agreement is beneficial to Egypt’s interests.”

He pointed out, “The details of the understanding with US President Donald Trump will be announced in due course, but the superiority of the Al-Wefaq government has made Trump approach the Turkish vision to resolve the conflict there.”

“It is very possible that there will be an understanding with Russia in Libya along the lines of Syria, but on the condition that Tripoli agrees,” Aqtay added.

It is reported that the Russian Foreign Ministry announced earlier today that both the Russian Defense and Foreign Minister Sergey Shoygo and Sergey Lavrov will visit Ankara tomorrow to discuss the files of Libya and Syria with their Turkish counterparts, based on a prior agreement between Erdogan and Putin during their contacts in the tenth From this month.

Translation: Selava Omar

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