The continuation of the elections of the Syrian “negotiation committee” and Ibrahim Berro is a candidate for the vice president of the commission and observers are skeptical

Brusk Hassan –

The Syrian opposition continues its activities and activities despite the defeats that it suffered in the field, after agreements concluded by Turkey, the incubator and guarantor, with the Russian side that has prevailed in the regime since the beginning of the crisis.

The head of the Syrian Supreme Negotiating Body, Nasr Hariri, said that the work of the negotiating body to elect the presidency, his deputy and members is still continuing.

Hariri announced in his tweets through his account on social media, Twitter, June 12, the termination of his mandate from the Presidency of the “Commission” that the internal system does not allow for a third time, saying: “I am proud of the confidence that the National Coalition for the Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces granted me In my choice to be one of his representatives in the Syrian negotiating body and I thank my colleagues for their support and I hope that I have succeeded in performing the mission and preserving the principles of the revolution and will continue to represent him in the body until the time he decides otherwise.

In a meeting of the Syrian opposition, the “Commission” emerged from its conference in Riyadh, which was held in the Saudi capital, in December 2015, and it was agreed that its group would consist of 32 members.

In the “Riyadh 2” conference, which was held on November 22 and 23, 2017, the Syrian opposition chose the members of the new version of the “commission”, known as the “Negotiating Body 2”, and in total included 50 members, and Hariri was chosen as its president to succeed “Riyad Hijab”.

On November 25, 2018, the Commission renewed the election of Nasr Hariri for a second term.

Turkey and Qatar control the decision and the conduct of the activities of the Syrian opposition directly, without other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The Commission supervises directly the negotiation process with the Syrian regime, within the paths sponsored by the United Nations, especially the Constitutional Committee, to draw up a new constitution.

The elections of the “Commission” will be held today, Saturday, June 13th, through a virtual meeting, in light of the presence of only one candidate to head the “Authority”, who is the current president of the “Coalition,” Anas Al-Abda, in addition to Ibrahim Barro as a candidate for the Vice-President of the “Authority”.

It is expected that the slave will win by acclamation in the elections of the Presidency of the “Negotiating Body” and that Ibrahim Bero will be his deputy.

The nomination of the two members of the Kurdish National Council Ibrahim Pro to the vice-president of the negotiating body comes at a time when the Kurdish National Council and Kurdish national unity parties are holding talks under the auspices of American, French and British mediation, within the initiative launched by the Commander in Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, General Mazloum Abdi.

Turkey and then the Syrian opposition had objected to the Kurdish Kurdish discussions and understandings, and issued a statement from the figures of the Syrian opposition against these discussions, which received wide welcome from the Kurdish street.

Some observers believe that the Syrian opposition, and its successors, submitted the nomination of one members of the Kurdish National Council, Ibrahim Beru, as vice president of the commission as a kind of barter.

Translation: Selava Omar

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