As tension escalates in Libya.. Turkey is conducting so-called “open sea” maneuvers in the Mediterranean

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Today, Friday, Turkish forces conducted naval exercises called “the open sea” in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, with the aim of testing their capabilities in conducting long-distance operations.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced in a statement issued on Friday that the maneuvers were held in international waters in the Mediterranean, with the participation of units affiliated with the leaders of the Air Force and the Navy, and were run from operations centers in Turkey.

The Turkish maneuvers in the Mediterranean took about 8 hours, while they included a path of 2,000 kilometers.

During the maneuvers, refueling and joint air-maritime training and other operations were carried out, with the aim of “testing and developing the tasks of long-distance operations without interruption.”

These developments come against the backdrop of increasing tensions in the Mediterranean region in light of the military escalation in Libya, where Turkey provides military support to the Al-Wefaq government, one of the parties to the conflict.

Tension also remains over Turkey’s eastern Mediterranean drilling projects off the coast of Cyprus, despite opposition from its neighbors.

Concurrently, European joint forces, affiliated with the “IRINI” operation, are concerned with monitoring the situation in the Mediterranean and following up on the implementation of the United Nations resolution banning the flow of arms to Libya.

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