Member of the Preparatory Committee “Cairo 3” the opposition Khaled Mahameed launches a violent attack on Turkey describing the coalition Syrian as traitors and agents

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The government of the Turkish regime pumped large amounts of Turkish currency with small groups in Idlib, northern Syria, amid a large welcome from officials in the so-called “rescue government” that Turkey supports in the region.

In this regard, Dr. said. Khaled Mahameed, a prominent Syrian dissident, told Al-Hadath on Friday: “We are the imam of a new Ottoman invasion to northern Syria. Turkey is seeking to occupy the area systematically in northern Syria, not only by changing the Syrian currency and replacing it with the Turkish currency, but by connecting a network Turkish electricity in northern Syria. Likewise, the water and communications network, with 32,000 Turkish soldiers inside Syria. ”

Mahameed added: “We deplore and condemn the interim government, the coalition, mercenaries and Turkey’s agenda, which today is clearly stated as an agenda for the Turkish invasion, where data is issued by local councils, by replacing the Syrian currency with the Turkish currency, these are the ones who are going to work the Turkish side, they are the ones who help a foreign country On the invasion of their land, then they are mercenaries and agents of this state.

Mahameed continued: “Today, Turkey has exceeded all international covenants and the United Nations by its blatant interference in Libya and Syria, and today the “Hatti ”is responsible for northern Syria, we are facing a new Iskenderun, what we saw in 1974 when Turkish forces entered Northern Cyprus began to change the Cyprus currency To the Turkish currency, and then came the military invasion of that day. What is happening in northern Syria is changing the educational curriculum, changing the names of the Syrian streets and squares to Turkish names, and leaving you with the privilege of everything that is in northern Syria, especially after the people of Afrin were displaced for the sake of demographic change and the crimes that It is installed by the factions and supported by the Turkish army. ”

Mahameed emphasized that the coalition no longer represents the Syrian people and the Syrian revolution, and instead, it works with agendas and data for the rights of the Turkish intelligence chief. Turkey will intervene in the Negotiating and Elections Committee tomorrow, to develop the names and façade of the Muslim Brotherhood. Everything that happens in Libya and Syria Turkey is the reason why it does not allow the political process and stability to be pushed, and the names of the Muslim Brotherhood are paid in the Constitutional Committee and those involved in war crimes and those who are involved in the transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria within the bodies of the Syrian opposition bodies, Turkey is the one that bears all What is happening in the Syrian north, we need a real Arab role to repel this blatant response and interference, Turkey and Iran are the ones that tore the Syrian people apart and destroyed this people.

On the deterioration of the Syrian pound and Turkey’s exploitation of this economic crisis, Khaled Mahameed said: “There are several fundamental reasons for the change in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound through this conflict for a period of ten years and the lack of a political solution to the Syrian file, but today, Erdogan over the pain of others is building his glory for Ottoman expansion. What is new and in order to transfer the Turkish-Turkish differences from within Turkey with external fake victories This is what the Erdogan government is doing, is diverting attention from what is happening inside Turkey which is in real conflicts between the Justice and Development Party and opposition parties to fake external victories and to the Syrian inside they are taking advantage The weakness of the Syrians through the tools and agendas of Syria mercenaries such as the coalition and the Islamic Council and their members inside Syria، Therefore, they do not represent Syria, and they are not entitled to speak about the Syrian issue nor to have members in the negotiating body nor members of the Constitutional Committee.

Khaled Mahameed is the former vice president of the Syrian negotiating body that emerged at the end of 2015 and was announced in Riyadh.

Translation: Selava Omar

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