Eldar Khalil reveals what happened between them and the “ENKS” in the presence of the mediators “Video”

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The Kurdish leader and a member of the Executive Bureau of the Democratic Union Party, “Aldar Khalil,” explained that the second stage of negotiations has stopped, indicating that the Democratic Union has no right to negotiate on its own and that it has other partner parties who have contributed to building this project over the past years.

Yesterday, Thursday, Aldar Khalil said in an interview with him on the Kurdish channel “Ronahi”, as our people also know that we have been busy for months. After that, the initiative of the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) made progress, and was supported by many countries, Germany, France, Britain and even some other Arab countries. And the surrounding countries.

Khalil added, “It also received support from the Kurdish parties, and we, too, like the Democratic Union Party (PYD) announced our readiness, but we said at the time that we are not the only ones” like the Democratic Union Party ”in this country, and we said if the Kurdish National Council wants to sit with us, we are not the only ones there Other Kurdish political parties.

Khalil declared, “We told them at the time that if the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria alone is going to negotiate, then we, like the Democratic Union Party (PYD), can conduct dialogue as a party versus a party.” But if the Kurdish National Council “ENKS” will dialogue, we also have our partners from the other parties. ”

Khalil pointed out that the taking of parties is partners in this country. They participated with them in building this administration and worked together in this difficult stage, and they completed this stage with these parties.
Khalil revealed that the Kurdish National Council then stopped completing the second stage, and they traveled to the Kurdistan region.

Khalil pointed out in his speech that they, like the Democratic Union Party, agreed at that time to go through these consultations on their own, so that no one would accuse them of being the cause of the failure of the Kurdish Kurdish consultations and understandings attempt. And now the second stage, and that’s a good thing.

Aldar Khalil stressed, “It was our agreement in the second stage that all Kurdish political parties participate, and that the PYD not be the only one in the consultations.”

“We hear sometimes in the media that consultations are taking place between the Democratic Union Party and the Kurdish National Council, and this is a mistake in the consultations not only between the two parties, but rather the consultations between the Kurdish National Council and the group of Kurdish national parties.”

Khalil noted that this name does not mean that it is a coalition or a party or something similar, but rather came after the meeting of 25 parties and chose this name for them, including the Democratic Union Party.

Khalil explained, “ This name has been named for consultations, because it is not permitted to join without a name and the Democratic Union Party alone cannot attend, and for this reason this name was launched, and some of these parties are older than PYD, they were established decades before them and there are also other parties other than PYD. ” .

Khalil continued, “ The 25 parties met, and 7 people were elected and appointed to be their representatives in these negotiations, since a party alone does not have the right and cannot alone conduct these consultations, and after that we thought that while these 7 representatives attended the consultation sessions, it was necessary to choose a name that represents All 25 parties The fact that the opposite party also represents a number of parties and its name is the Kurdish National Council, and after consultations the 25 parties agreed on the name of the Kurdish national unity parties, and this step was necessary because the street and society demanded national unity, but after this step and after the creation of a symbol for the parties The 25, we saw the discomfort, or dissatisfaction of the Kurdish National Council, expressed their pardon, and said this cannot be only the PYD. ”
“We told them yes, it is true that the Democratic Union Party is a large and leading party, but it is not permissible to consult only on behalf of the Democratic Union Party, but they no longer attend the meetings,” Khalil said.

In his response to the position of the mediators in these consultations, Khalil said, “ He did not return the meetings and after that you saw they traveled to the region, and after their return nothing happened until Thursday, they demanded to sit down, and they claimed that there are differences, we must discuss it with you, so we accepted to see what they are These differences. ”
Aldar Khalil revealed, “We sat with them, i.e. with the Kurdish National Council again yesterday, and I will not reveal what happened in the meeting, because this is our agreement, but in the essence of the truth, they reject this name, i.e. the name of the Kurdish national unity parties. PYD or we do not accept, and we also said this is our name and no one has the right to impose names on us, even according to human rights also no one has the right to say I reject your name, we also will not object to the name of the Kurdish National Council, and for this, no one has the right to reject our name or impose A name is upon us, and when this happened, we got up, and we no longer know how it will start the second stage and we have not yet agreed on anything, we are also confused. ”
Aldar Khalil said that William Robak was also surprised by the behavior of the Kurdish National Council, and said that in America no one has the right to impose or reject one name on another

Khalil ended his speech that the issue now is between the mediators and the Kurdish National Council, and they must solve it, and it was never acceptable as he comes to sit down and refuses to consult because of the name. Democrat from the beginning we are serious about the dialogues, and if we did not want to consult, we would not have started with it mainly, and until yesterday also they told us that there will be a dispute over the name, we told them we will attend and we said we will make our efforts to persuade them. ”

“We are serious about consulting and reaching a solution,” declared Aldar Khalil, a Kurdish leader and member of the Executive Committee of the PYD.

He pointed out that the mediators are consulting with them and that any change has taken place, we are ready to consult and if it does not happen, then how can we change our name.

Translation: Selava Omar

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