Do Kurdish lives matter and is the Kurdish population important?

As a lot of you may know and have heard that the American police has been brutalizing and terrorizing the African American people since the foundation of the American nation and that the black people are getting murdererd without any reason or justification and we can deny the fact that they are oppressed by the state and the police …

but sadly they are not the only to face oppression and presecution , the Kurdish people have for the past century been under the oppression of not only one nation but four since the Sykes-Picot agreement that divided the kurdish nation (kurdistan) to four parts between Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq and thus ending the dream of a united kurdish nation but that did only made the Kurds seek the right of self-determinaion thus making the Kurds a threat to what this four nations call “homeland security” making them start programs of assimilation or in some cases total annihilation of kurds.

When it comes to Turkey and speaking about it just shows how fascistic this state is and how Racist some of the Turkish people can be the , The Turkish government was racist toward the Kurdish population and it systematically oppressed the kurdish people and banned their language and erased their culture not only that but aslo commited many massacres against them and the examples are a lot such as the Zilan massacre (1930) which resulted in the death of 5.000 up to 20.000 Kurd (this massacre happend 7 years after the declaration of the turkish republic) and the Dersim massacre (1937-1938) which resulted of the death of around 15.000 civilian (according to the historian David McDowall up to 40.000 civlian were killed) and the forced migration of over 12.000 civilan and the more recently the Roboski massacre that resulted in the death of 34, and if we want to speak about the racism of the Turkish people itself then a good example would be the murder of 20 year old kurdish man Barish Chakan for listening to kurdish music that happend 10 days ago the examples of atrocities and human right violations are countless not only within turkey but aslo within the occupied Syrian Kurdish land such as the countless rapes that happens in Afrin city on daily basis.

When it comes to Iraq then we would have to speak about the anfal camaign that started by Saddam Hussein and the Baath party that intended in the complete ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish people in Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan that resluted in the death of over 200.000 Kurd and the Human rights violation by using mustard gas against the Kurdish population in halabja that resluted in the death of over 5.000 and injury of 10.000+ this is but an example of many human rights violation and crimes against the Kurdish people in Iraq.

in the case of Syria the Baath party started a project called “the arabic belt” that intended in the arabazition of Kurdish areas and mainly in Al-Hasakah region which lead to building a 41 arabic villages which lead to moving 4.000 arab families from Al-Raqqa and Aleppo to Kurdish lands, also the 2004 Qamishlo riots which lead toe the death of around a 100 Kurdish civilian and the flee of thousands of kurds to Iraqi Kurdistan which is an example among many of the Kurdish oppression by the Syrian Government and the Baath party.

In the case of the islamic republic of iran then the human rights violation are countless from the oppression of the Kurdish people to public executions of Kurdish activists and civilians such as the most recent case that happend october of this year the execution of the kurdish activist Mustafa Salimi who had previously spent 17 years in the iranian prisons and the execution of the child bride Zeinab Lokran after a stillbirth due to her marriage at young age and the list goes on.

these are but pages in the history of Kurdish oppression so would you our dear reader answer the question Do Kurdish lives matter and is the Kurdish population important?

Firat Penaber

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