Second phase of Kurdish-Kurdish talks begins

Selava Omar –

The Kurdish National Unity Parties confirmed the launch of the second phase of the Kurdish-Kurdish talks with the participation of the committee that represents them in the presence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazloum Abdi and the American Adviser William Robak.

According to the Secretary General of the Kurdistan Liberal Union Ferhad Telo, the second stage of the Kurdish-Kurdish discussions started, and he said: “A meeting was held between the Kurdish National Unity Parties Committee and the Kurdish National Council on Wednesday, some points were discussed, and in general there are no major differences, and we can consider it the first meeting of the second stage of the talks. ”

Ferhad Telo did not reveal the content of the meeting nor the discussions that took place between the two parties, but he indicated that they had not discussed the main points that are supposed to be discussed in the second stage yet, and said: “The discussion regarding them will take place in the upcoming meetings.”

It is worth mentioning that 25 political parties and movements in Rojava announced the formation of a political umbrella with the aim of uniting the Kurdish ranks which they called “Kurdish National Unity Parties.” 7 people were elected, among them as a committee that will participate in discussions with the Kurdish forces with the aim of uniting the Kurdish ranks within the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Source: ANHA

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