“The country is coming” with such terms ISIS is active again in areas controlled by Turkey and its factions

Laila Muhammed –

ISIS terrorist elements are trying to restore the organization’s activity in areas controlled by both the Turkish state and the factions loyal to it, where writings were seen on the walls of the town of Al-Ali Bagliya, which belongs to the countryside of Tal Abyad, calling for the return of ISIS, and threatening the people.

In this regard, sources from inside the town of Al-Ali Baglih in the northern countryside of Kari Sibbi reported that graffiti appeared on the walls of homes and schools in the main streets, including slogans of ISIS mercenaries threatening the residents.

Slogans seen on the walls included such phrases as “Repent to your innocence, the state remains, the Islamic state is coming, O awakening apostates, return to God.”

According to the sources, the slogans appeared yesterday, Thursday, on the walls of the main streets of the town, and on the wall on “Baglia” Primary School.

The sources also pointed out that the areas controlled by Turkey and its factions have recently witnessed the return of a number of ISIS mercenary leaders, the last of whom was called “Khaled Al-Aqal”, one of the most prominent mercenary leaders in the region, and the media official of the mercenaries during their previous control of the region.

The emergence of ISIS mercenaries is not limited to several graffiti, and it was not hidden from one of the slogans chanted by the factions of the so-called “national army” during its control of several areas in northern and eastern Syria, while the Scenario of Afrin remains the best testimony to the ISIS approach in the occupied areas.

Translation: Selava Omar

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